"A powerful saga that blends high-octane action, psychological interplays, and acts of political desperation."
- Midwest Book Review

"Kuhens' writing is reminiscent of the great conspiracy thriller authors Frederick Forsyth and Robert Ludlum."
- Readers' Favorite

About Terror's Sword


Murders. Kidnappings. A Deadly Bioagent.

With the world targeted by a fanatic known as Terror's Sword, the president unleashes the one weapon in America's arsenal that can match this elusive foe: elite counterterrorism case officer Kyle McEwan. As the two deadly weapons hurtle toward each other, the terror mastermind determined to strike and McEwan resolved to stop him, who will prevail?

About the Author

Kevin Kuhens is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling Terror's Sword, the first in his series of Kyle McEwan thrillers. During an international career spanning three decades, Kevin served as a civilian supervisory special agent for the US Department of Defense.


Praise for Kevin's Work

“A fast-paced, spellbinding plot that takes readers on suspense-filled missions to save the world. Readers will love this breathtaking action-packed thriller!”

— San Francisco Book Review 

“Unlike many thrillers about terrorist threats, Kuhens injects inner bureaucratic workings and political processes which serve to work against themselves and each other.”

Donovan’s Literary Services 

“The story will appeal to fans of international spy thrillers like Ian Fleming and Tom Clancy. Because of the success of authors like Clancy, the bar in this genre is set very high, but Kuhens met the challenge.”

Writer's Digest

“Kuhens has created a heroic character on the scale of a Jason Bourne that will surely be around for many more adventures. A top-flight, fast-paced story guaranteed to satisfy readers across genres.”

Readers’ Favorite 

“I’d consider it ahead of its time, and current events. I don’t know how Kuhens had the foresight, but he definitely has talent.”

Reedsy Discovery 

“Mr. Kuhens’ expertise is evident in the pages of this thriller, pitting international threats against government bureaucracy, and letting us in on technical details that will make the reader’s mouth drop open. ”

—  R. Koontz, Award-winning, Bestselling Author

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