Terror’s Sword

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Published by: Independent Author Published
Release Date: January 28, 2022
Pages: 362
ISBN13: 979-8985447309





From a veteran of the political wars waged inside the U.S. government comes the story of a revenge-fueled terrorist determined to destroy America and the only man who can stop him.

Target America. An anonymous attacker known as Terror’s Sword is heading for the U.S. with an unidentified bioweapon. His mission: erase America from existence. When intelligence agencies fail to identify the terrorist or his bioagent, the president taps elite counterterrorism operative Kyle McEwan to hunt down the terrorist and eliminate the threat. McEwan is the highly classified, off-the-books weapon America unleashes when all other methods fail.

Tracking the terrorist across multiple continents, McEwan and U.S. special operations forces execute daring raids that yield crucial evidence. Despite these discoveries, biomedical scientists urgently pursuing a cure conclude that the highly contagious virus cannot be defeated.

Global survival rests on McEwan’s shoulders as he battles embedded terror cells and deep state factions whose obstructive efforts increase the likelihood of an attack on America—which if successful—will leave the world facing an unprecedented pandemic threatening untold millions. The terror mastermind is on the loose and determined to strike. McEwan resolves to stop him. Who will prevail?

Terror’s Sword immerses readers in the real-world inner workings of military, intelligence, and law enforcement operations that thwart terror threats. It delves into presidential decisions and political agendas that impede those efforts. In this thrilling race against time to stop a bioweapon attack, Kyle McEwan follows in the footsteps of iconic protagonists such as Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Child’s Jack Reacher, Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, and Thor’s Scot Harvath.


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Terror’s Sword “…definitely satisfies as the pace never falters, the cutting-edge timely plot never stumbles and the ending delivers. A romp of a read.”
Steve Berry, New York Times and International #1 Bestselling Author

“…Terror’s Sword is a counterterrorism espionage thriller that goes into the deep state, politics at its absolute worst, and the heroism of those trying to do what’s right inside government. Kevin Kuhens knocks it out of the park with this one.”  
—Grant Stinchfield, 
Four-time Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and national podcaster  View the full video here

“Kuhens provides edge-of-your-seat entertainment from beginning to end. Terror’s Sword is the consummate thriller packed full of psychological one-upmanship. The author paints an action-packed picture of the real world, real locations, and real military scenarios.” Read the full review here
Military Writers Society of America - 2023 MWSA Gold Medal Winner for Mystery Thriller 

“A tough hero, a diverse tactical team, and a realistic biological threat fuel suspenseful 'Terror's Sword.' Kuhens takes us on a wild ride ...” Read the full review here
Florida Weekly, Charlotte County Edition

“Get Prepared to be grabbed by the throat. Kuhens’ novel will not let you go. Main character Kyle McEwan is definitely movie or television series material. This book captivated me. I recommend it highly. Non-stop action, huge stakes, intricate plot. It is one amazing book that has won two national awards. If you enjoy novels by Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and David Baldacci, you will love Terror’s Sword.”
S. Harrison, International Bestselling Author

“A powerful saga that blends high-octane action, psychological interplays, and acts of political desperation that probe presidential actions, traps, moves and countermoves, and special ops processes.”
Midwest Book Review 

“The novel falls squarely into the thriller camp with all the right ingredients. The author presents a strongly woven story with considerable action and an element of fear … the hero of the excitement-packed saga has bravery and intelligence that readers will enjoy. Countries fly by on the screen of the readers’ imaginations, bodies fall, and in the end the evil is …”
 —Writer’s Digest

“Kuhens’ writing is reminiscent of the great conspiracy thriller authors Frederick Forsyth and Robert Ludlum. He’s created a heroic character on the scale of a Jason Bourne that will surely be around for many more adventures. A top-flight, fast-paced story guaranteed to satisfy readers across genres.”
Readers Favorite

“The author’s prose is captivating. His political intrigue is Sorkinesque. The action scenes are edge-of-your-seat brilliant. You may find yourself gripping the reader or book so tightly your knuckles may bleed.”
—N. N. Light’s Book Heaven

Terrors Sword is a highly distinctive work with memorable characters, fast-paced storyline, and superb combination of suspense and intrigue that will keep readers on the hook until the very end.”
BookLife Prize

“Every page of this book overflows with explosive action and graphic detail. If you only have time to read one action-packed novel this year, this gritty nonstop page-turner is it!”
Beach Reads

“The author has given us a well-researched, well-plotted, well-paced, and very realistic fictional book that mirrors non-fiction in many ways. We have a new hero in the vein of James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, and Jack Reacher.”
—James L. Thompson, Jr., Supervisory Special Agent (retired)

“Spectacular Debut Novel! A lean, mean thriller where characters are quickly and convincingly rendered and the plotting immersive and compelling.”
—S. P. Johnson, Goodreads

“Kuhens brings you as close to real world as it gets, real locations, real scenarios, genuine religious complaints. Revenge is a powerful motivating factor and Kuhens milks this for every penny. These military scenes were as close to actual as you can get.”
—G. Coker, Fighter Pilot, U.S. Air Force

“An incredible read for high action junkies! The author’s rich descriptions literally painted mental images putting me in the scenes. The action was so riveting and intense I could feel my heart pounding. Great, authentic characters.”
—B. Detra, Amazon

“Kuhens is a name you must get to know. He has reached the top tier of authors in his first book. He does a wonderful job telling a story with lots of twists and turns.”
—D. Stratton, J.D.

“Extraordinary novel that smacks you in the face with action starting on page one and doesn’t stop til the end. The plot with all of its twists and turns is real and terrifying.”
—N. Shockley, Indiana

“Action packed. Adrenaline filled. Rich characters. You won’t be able to put the book down. A work of fiction that could become reality.”
—LTC M. J. Vowell, U.S. Army

“Mesmerizing! Kuhens’ action descriptions put me in the scenes alongside the characters! Great plot and never-ending misdirection. Colorful, well-developed characters including a very powerful female lead.”
—P. Atencio, Goodreads

“Better than Clancy! Reads like a wildfire. Great technical details and the characters jump off the page. This has to be a blockbuster movie script, not a first-time author.”
—A.H. Fetter, III, U.S. Naval Aviator - Fighter Pilot

“There’s a new human predator in town! Kyle McEwan has superior intellect, street smarts, and lethal skills all in one deadly package. If you like Flynn and Childs, climb aboard this author’s train! He does not disappoint!”
—Amazon Customer Review

“Kuhens takes you on a ride with unpredictable twists and turns keeping you turning page after page. If you love Clancy and Baldacci, you’ll love Kuhens!”
—C. Steele, Goodreads