Review of Terror’s Sword by Prestigious Panel

I am fortunate to have received an excellent review from the prestigious Military Writers Society of America. The MWSA is renowned for its challenging three-person reviewing/judging panels that evaluate how well a given book meets industry standards for content, style, visual appeal, and technical mechanics. The MWSA review:

Terror’s Sword: A Kyle McEwan Novel by Kevin Kuhens is a gripping, action-packed example of art imitating life. Kyle McEwan is the hero of this exciting saga. His bravery, intelligence, and unconventional skills are unmatched. McEwan’s reputation for success and dogged determination has come to the attention of the President of the United States when the country is threatened by a cunning terrorist with a deadly bio-weapon. Motivated by revenge, religious fanatics led by Al-Dosari conjure up an evil, devious plan for death and destruction in the Western world. McEwan vows to stop this elusive man with or without the sanction and backing of the US government. POTUS knows the only chance of thwarting the Al-Dosari, aka The Terror’s Sword, is to put Kyle McEwan in charge of the plan. This alone ruffles the feathers of many heads of the alphabet soup agencies in Washington, and McEwan is faced with those who subvert his efforts of keeping tactics and operations on a need-to-know basis.

Kuhens provides edge-of-your-seat entertainment from beginning to end. Terror’s Sword is the consummate thriller packed full of psychological one-upmanship. The author paints an action-packed picture of the real world, real locations, and real military scenarios.

To quote Grant Stinchfield, four-time Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter: “Terror’s Sword is a counterterrorism espionage thriller that goes into the deep state, politics at its absolute worst, and the heroism of those trying to do what’s right inside government. Kuhens knocks it out of the park with this one.” I wholeheartedly agree with him. Terror’s Sword is a great read.

This review from MWSA is the type of recognition every author hopes to receive from prominent reviewers. I am both fortunate and grateful.


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